Friday, 23 October 2009

The Green Blues Blog

Fed up with the latest fad of "being green"? Bemused at the way politicians have gone from denying that global warming existed to suddenly putting "green" policies at the heart of their election manifestos? I am.

I'd really like to see our planet saved, but I'm rather dismayed about the way it's happening. It seems as though a lot of it's for show with no real though being given to the consequences of the growth of the "recycling industry".

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Monday, 19 October 2009

High Sea Kayaks

After a great long absence, I am back! Too many things have happened to go into here, most of them good things, but a few of them very disappointing things as well.

The main news is that following my kayak building endeavours under the skillful eye of Steinar Gustavsen, we have joined forces and launched (bad joke, sorry) High Sea Kayaks. See

We've put together an illustrated guide to strip building - this is information just isn't available anywhere else on the internet - and it takes you right the way through the process of building a kayak, step by step.

We also have a couple of designs available - as complete form kits.

Har det gott,